CRM – Current and Future Trends

The relationship of organizations with their customers must be constantly monitored. Channels and interaction tools, external factors – competition, regulation, influencers, etc., are factors that condition consumers when deciding and / or remaining with a particular brand.

The evolution of CRM systems follows and must meet the needs and requirements of customers and organizations, addressing  needs and optimizing resources.

In this spectrum of the evolution of CRM systems we list some of the trends that we consider relevant in the evolution of CRM systems:

Hyper Customization

The use of AI mechanisms and the availability of increasing data allows these mechanisms to produce results that allow us to communicate with the right customers, with the most assertive information for the customer, and at the appropriate time. This will be a trend that will continue to grow within  the coming years.

Interaction with automatic AI systems

AI systems will tend to be increasingly used in customer sales and service interaction systems. The ability to provide an ever-expanding set of services without a human contact from organizations, enables them to optimize resources and direct efforts to more strategic areas.

Mobile support

Mobile device usage continues to rise dramatically. It is increasingly being used as the preferred customer support medium for channels of interaction with organizations. Applications provide more and better services and are permanently with customers who increasingly use communication features such as SMS, Chat, WhatsApp in an integrated manner and with the same capabilities as more mature channels such as Voice and email.

IOT integration

IOT systems significantly complement the provision of information to enterprise systems, including AI algorithms, helping these systems to achieve increasingly assertive results. From information on geographic positioning sensors -in and / or outdoor-, biometric signals or sensors of devices and equipment: automobiles, alarms, TV boxes.

Voice technology

It is not long before the usual chat BOTS are quickly complemented by sophisticated voice recognition BOTs that will enable a significant evolution in the interface between organizations and customers and the way services are delivered.

Social CRM

The complementarily of traditional CRM systems with social CRM is today a reality and continues at a rapid pace of growth, enabling customers to leverage brand image and brand recognition.


WORLDIT’s current offering as a CRM systems implementation specialist already incorporates the solutions it offers its customers with features that address these trends.

Tying together the long term experienced  CRM consultants with a native mobile development team with  hundreds of applications developed, it complements both dedicated CRM solutions and top-tier vendor enterprise platforms – Oracle, or Microsoft.

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